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”We will pursue that disaster preparedness is natural. ”


To realize our mission, we will break down the conservative concept of disaster preparedness and change it to next disaster preparedness 2.0.

Bosai Girls are challengers to make an innovation for disaster preparedness.

We have doubts for old concepts. We think what is preparedness and how to live. We provide new concepts and solutions for disaster preparedness with the times.


Our impact


What We Do

Online Publishing

Bosai is publishing media to convey new concepts of disaster preparedness.


Collaboration Project

We collaborate some companies and communities to create new concepts and products for disaster preparedness.

ex) potayu – Collaboration with Ishii Food

potayu is rice porridge which is a type of comfort food that people eat when they are sick and is famous for emergency provisions in Japan. We heard that many people who live in evacuation shelters have been suffering from malnutrition. potayu provide not only nutrition during emergency but also peace of mind on a regular basis.






aims at getting people to associate orange flags with approaching tsunami danger, much like a red traffic signal tells motorists to stop.

Orange is the contrasting color with blue. Even if people are near the sea, they can see this one.

So we would like to connect your mind and life, by orange.


If “Tsunami disaster prevention” is near your life, the evacuation behavior of people will accelerate, and leading to prevention of serious damage.


 # beORANGE notifies the meaning of the flag to each local government, public administration and local people.

We will try to expand it to other areas as a new style of “Tsunami disaster prevention”.


Our member


Misaki Tanaka

In March 3rd 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. Following this experience, I started up “bosai girl”.
After that situation, Japan had a large number of disasters. In 2016, huge earthquakes happened in Kumamoto. Also, Japanese suffered from numerous disasters and will suffered from lots of disasters.
I can’t thank you enough for everyone who supported us. So we could relate with many companies and local governments. And from now, we try to change the social.



Organization Profile

Name : Bosai Girl

Founded : 11th March, 2013

Head Office Adress : social hive HONGO  7F, Sansho Building  Hongo, 40-10 Hongo 3 Cho-me, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 713-0033

Officer composition : Founder Misaki Tanaka